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Proficient New Subs, The Best Bang for your buck!!!

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

This month, we announced the latest in our line of spectacular subwoofer products – the Signature series.

The Signature series of subwoofers have been crafted for high-end balance and peak performance. While the FDS series can be viewed as an entry-level line for customers looking for the most boom for their buck, the Signature line of subwoofers are built for the audiophile looking for reference-quality acoustics. The greatest differences over our previous FDS series are the addition of a second passive radiator, more power, and an optional subwoofer wireless kit. These are great multi-purpose subwoofers available in sizes from 8”, 10”, and 12” to satisfy audiophiles looking for reference sound. Each Signature subwoofer offers up to 1000 watts of amplifying power, giving your sound system an extra kick.

To celebrate the launch of this amazing new subwoofer line, here are 3 interesting facts about the Proficient® Signature series:

Two are better than one

There are currently no other subwoofers on the market that offer an active driver configuration at these price points. Sound quality is great for movies and music and has the “grunt” to keep up with the harshest demands from a movies’ LFE track. And remember, two are always better than one. With two of our Signature series subwoofers hooked up to your sound system, enjoy more realized sound and more booming bass than ever before.

Backed by the legacy of the Sunfire® brand

Since 1994, the Sunfire® brand has been a disruptive force in the speaker industry, combining unconventional thinking with precision engineering to deliver the best audio performance possible. Each of the new subwoofer series available from the Proficient brand is backed by the legacy and incredible technology of Sunfire products – with a few notable improvements. We have added more power, an updated industrial design with rounded corners and kept the signature 5-layer piano black lacquer finish. Performance is greatly improved due to a more powerful DSP and setup is further simplified via a smartphone app that allows for complete configuration and even includes app-based room correction.

Their high back EMF driver design

In a bit of design genius inherited from the Sunfire brand, the Proficient Signature subwoofers include high back EMF technology, which allows for massive amounts of deep bass from a smaller-sized cabinet. This works by having an ultra-strong fiberglass cone with a huge motor force to battle the pressures of small enclosures and their impact on the excursion of the woofer. Essentially, this allows for more booming bass in a smaller box.

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